Do you think gambling is bad

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He won $50 pitching quarters, and I thought that was like winning a million," he recalls today. "I thought if you made money, hit it big, people would like you.".

Jul 14, 2010 · Gambling can be bad for some people. But nothing is bad or good in itself. You can eat too much or run too much or drink too much or play computer games too much. You can clean your house so much that you never go out. You can work so hard you drop dead. You can love so much that it makes you sick and crazy. Why is gambling wrong? | Gambling is bad social policy; it is bad economic policy; and it is bad governmental policy. Moreover, it undermines the moral foundations of society and invites corruption in government. As Christians, I believe we must stand against society’s attempts to legalize gambling. How bad of a problem do you think gambling addiction is /r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. ProblemGambling | Effects of Problem Gambling on the Gambler But the urge to gamble seems too great to resist. They feel they can't give up on all the time, money and emotion they have put into gambling. They can't accept that they will never win back what they have lost. Some people still believe their system will pay off, their luck will change or they are due to win.

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Good and bad things about gambling? | Yahoo Answers Mar 21, 2012 · Answers. I would honestly say that gambling isn't' bad, your attitude towards gambling is either good or bad. For example, gambling is supposed to be fun. If you are playing a game like chess, then it may also be to make a profit and be the better player. But the bottom-line, I …

There’s also possibly a bit of a weird placebo effect: if we think a cup of coffee sharpens the mind, it’s easier to be convinced that the betting strategies you’re considering is the right one.

Or do you think that all gambling is controlled ... I should be allowed to make good and bad choices as I see fit so long as I do not directly harm or infringe the ... what do you think of gambling ? do you think it is bad ... I am not a fan of playing lottery but once in a while I played ... I'm not addicted to it but I wonder if it is sinful to play lottery ...? Also, do you ... Is gambling as bad as people make it out to be? | Yahoo ... Best Answer: I don't think it is. Some people have bad addictions though and take it too far. I gamble occassionally and as long as you don't over do it it ... Good and bad things about gambling? | Yahoo Answers

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Problem gambling - Wikipedia Problem gambling is an urge to gamble continuously despite harmful negative consequences ... Most other definitions of problem gambling can usually be simplified to any ... past gambling experiences, handicapping or planning the next venture, thinking of ways ..... Pengespill og Pengespillproblem i Norge 2007 (Report).